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We're the largest gaming role playing club in London, with branches in Lewisham (South London) and Stratford (East London). We play games ranging from the classic Dungeons and Dragons, to more recent publications, such as Star Wars: Edge of the Empire; or new age indie games like Fiasco and Apocalypse World. With at least half a dozen tables to choose from at each branch, you'll always find something to suit your gaming needs.


Announcement 26/2/2017

From the period of January to February 2017, the RP Haven website has been the target of cyber attacks by an unknown attacker. Multiable spyware has been injected into our site, which has resulted on the blacklisting on all major search engines such as Google and Bing. We've also received other forms of malicious online attacks, which has forced us to take the original website offline until further notice. We've currently uploaded a very basic version as a temporary fix.

We would like to firstly ensure everyone our secure data which is part of our membership system that holds user login details was not affected. Our payment system was also not affected as we use 3rd party service (Paypal).

Garry Harper - Director


We currenty have two branches which operate on two different days:

Lewisham Branch

Operates every Wednesday from 7pm until 10:45pm
Table Average of Games: 7 Tables
Further information: Lewisham@rphaven.co.uk


University Hospital Lewisham
The Lewis Club, Upstairs!
Lewisham High Street,
London, SE13 6LH


Stratford Branch

Operates every Tuesday from 7:15pm until 10:15pm
Table Average of Games: 6 Tables
Further information: Stratford@rphaven.co.uk


Carpenter's & Dockland Centre
Stratford Centre,
98 Gibbins Rd,
London E15 2H


Who Are We?

The Role Play Haven is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), focused on delivering an excellent gaming experience, while raising money for charity. You can either run your own game, or take part in games with some of our award winning Games Masters.

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